Friday, July 23, 2010

Blistered Hands and Bald Tires.

I used my last week in Are for some pretty intense training including a 7.5 km climb from the bottom to the top of a mountain, downhill mountain biking, and quite a lot of seat time on the motorcycle. After spending two weeks in beautiful Are, Saturday it was time for us to leave.

Kenneth, Brittney, and I drove to Sveg where I raced the final of 3 rounds of a local series. I raced the MX2 class and the MX Open class both on my 250F. The second round of motos I raced the MX Open class immediately after racing the MX2 class. I had just enough time to put some more fuel in the bike!

I won all 4 motos and really enjoyed the sandy circuit. We left Sveg and drove to Sala where I rode Monday and Tuesday. After riding many hours for 3 days straight, I had blistered hands and almost no rear tire. Tuesday evening we left Sala and drove to another track in nearby Arsunda.

Wednesday was a day of rest, so Kenneth, me, and several of the kids from Kenneth's riding school went for a swim in a nearby lake and then we scoped out a big pool. We had fun jumping off the diving boards. When we got back to the track, we had an awesome game of football (soccer). My team lost by 1 goal, but we made a good effort!

Yesterday I did some riding before having to pack my things to head back to England. We arrived last night and have been preparing for this weekends British Championship at Foxhills, one of my favorite tracks. I'm really looking forward to it.

I apologize for the late update this week as the hills of Sweden don't have much to offer in the internet department. I'll do better next week. Promise.

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