Thursday, August 12, 2010

After spending the week in Belgium after the GP in Lommel, Mel and I traveled to Loket, Czech in his camper on Thursday. We had agreed to take turns driving, but when my friend Jason Dougan and I got Mel sucked into a good prank using Blackberry Messenger, I did most of the driving. It was worth every mile though! We got him so good! When we arrived in Loket, it was raining. It actually rained for most of the day on Friday, too. The decision to continue on with the program was made early on Saturday morning and they ended up having to alter the schedule for the weekend's events.

On Saturday morning in the free practice session I actually had the fastest time. In the timed practice session, which was used to replaced the qualifying race, I had the 4th best lap time giving me 4th gate pick for Sunday.

The track in Loket is usually really slippery and hard-pack, but when it began drying out on Sunday it became rutted and really one-lined. The start is a very difficult one as it is uphill and the first corner is a left-hander, but the track conditions made the start even more important than usual. In the first moto I didn't get the best of starts, but I ran within the top 10 for most of the race. I ended up finishing the moto in 11th position. I finished the second moto in 8th position which was an improvement but definitely not what I had expected going into the weekend.

To be honest, I am still struggling quite a bit with the effects of my concussion which happened at the British Championship round at Foxhill almost 3 weeks ago. I have been told by a doctor that the side effects of a concussion like mine can take up to two weeks to really emerge. During the motos this weekend I felt that after about 15 minutes I lost the mental capacity to really focus and concentrate which really hindered my performance. But after some much-needed rest this week, I feel that I am now on the up and up after three consecutive weekends of battling these side effects.

I have now made my way back to England for this weekend's British Championship at Farleigh Castle. Mel and I went riding today which was a lot of fun and the first time I've really felt like myself on the bike in a couple of weeks now. Having that feeling on the bike again was a huge confidence booster for me and I'm now really excited about this weekend's race.

I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for reading!



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