Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brand New Blog.

As if Facebook doesn't consume enough of our lives, I've decided to try blogging as a way of keeping my friends & fans informed of my racing and traveling experiences along with life in general. Please bear with me.

This weekend I raced the GP of Teuschenthal in Germany. Although I've been told over and over again for the past two years that this track would be "the one" for me, I wasn't all that impressed. On Saturday I really struggled to find my rhythm on the track. I felt a little bit out of control which caused me to ride really tight in the heat race. I managed to get 6th after losing a few positions. I was really disappointed with myself, but I put that result behind me and tried to re-focus on Sunday.

Sunday was much better for me as I was fastest in the warm-up session. In the first moto I got a decent start and after the second lap I found myself in 7th position. I was able to move forward past Simpson and Herlings fairly early on in the race. With about four laps to go I found myself within sight of Ken Roczen who had taken off his goggles. Within two laps I was able to pass him for fourth position. The second race saw the same mediocre start as I collided with Musquin in the second/third corner.

After the first lap I found myself in 4th position behind Roczen, Musquin, and Shaun Simpson. Fortunately I was able to get around Simpson fairly quickly and began to gap the rest of the pack. Roczen, Musquin, and I were all very spread out so each of us were basically riding our own race. I was able to maintain 3rd position for 3rd overall and my 3rd consecutive GP podium. It ended up being an awesome weekend! My girlfriend and I celebrated by having pizza with some friends. We stayed Sunday night at the track where someone decided to steal my boots. Bummer.

Monday afternoon we boarded the ferry from Kiel, Germany to Gothenburg, Sweden. We booked the trip over the phone with some Dutch guy. Brittney and I both had a good laugh at how our names ended up being spelled: Z. Ostborn and B. Gurrican.

We arrived in Gothenburg this morning and then traveled onto Norway where we will be staying with our friends, the Johannessen's. It was my first time ever seeing Norway without complete snow coverage. It's one of the nicest places on Earth for sure. Here is a picture of me and my friend Lasse:

Here is the view from Lasse's back porch:


On Thursday we fly to Latvia for the next round of the GP's. Latvia is a special place for me because I won the Junior World Championship there in 2004. Last year when I raced there I was injured so it was not a very good experience for me but I am looking to change that this year! As far as the blog, I plan to update it on a weekly basis. Thanks for reading.



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